November 16, 2013

Jim Flaherty’s Magic Money Machine

By admin

I believe a real story has been missed with all of the insanity surrounding Rob Ford in the last week or so:  Jim Flaherty’s Magic Money Machine.

After years of creating the country’s largest deficits in Canadian history (sound fiscal management?  Yeah, right.), Diamond Jimbo has come up with a magic budget surplus.

This reeks of desperation on the part of Conservative neo-con libertarian morons everywhere in this country:  Rob Ford, the Senate scandal and other cracks in the ‘Economic Action Plan’ pavement are threatening to take you all down, so you’re playing the one big trump card you have far too early in the game.

This was supposed to be saved until 2015, but it’s coming out now to protect their image.

Budget management is the one myth that Cons cling to and we’re seeing them try to rise above the mess that they’ve all created for themselves.  Jimbo’s surplus surprise is nothing less than shocking given all of the doom and gloom that we’ve been hearing about as an excuse to attack pensions and civil service jobs everywhere in this country.

Clearly, Jim Flaherty and the Cons are intentionally manipulating the numbers to protect their image as money managers, but creating massive deficits and then deftly generating a surplus all with the same numbers prove that you’re just another massive Con cover-up waiting to be exposed by those who care.

Another find example of how we need to remove these people from power as soon as possible, as they will destroy this country every chance they get.