The Solution to Ford

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While Toronto city council has taken action to strip Rob Ford of most of his powers, he’s still Mayor of Toronto and he’s still in a position to embarrass this city.

Rob Ford must go.

But how when our municipalities and democratic system don’t allow its citizens to take back what is rightfully theirs?

The answer is really quite simple:  funding.

Toronto receives billions on an annual basis from the provincial and federal governments.

Cut Toronto off until Ford is gone.

I’m a taxpayer.  I want my funds going to people who are qualified and who are not certifiable managing these valuable funds.  The are hundreds of talented, qualified professionals out there who easily and readily make the case that they are a million times more worthy and qualified when it comes to receiving and managing public funds.

Rob Ford has proven that he is incapable of managing himself, let alone a multi-billion budget and planning process for Canada’s largest city.

Any money invested in a Mayor Ford Toronto is a waste of money.

So, I have taken steps to plead to the leaders of this country, including Kathleen Wynne and Stephen Harper, amongst others, to withhold any federal and provincial programs from the City of Toronto until the keys to the city return to its people.  I ask you to do the same.

And those of you ‘titans’ of industry that think it’s OK to fund a mayor who’s the laughing stock of the world?

Reconsider ANY funding, donation or economic action that might give Ford even the slightest hint of independence.

He needs you right now and you MUST all turn your back on him.

Failure to do so will destroy Toronto and Toronto will not allow this to happen.  Of course, many Conservatives, especially those in the suburbs and those outside Ontario love the idea of Toronto failing, but when Toronto collapses, its supernova implosion will take Canada with it.

Support Ford and we will remember who supported him and be after you next.

And when Ford is finally gone, we must change our system to give us more control over who runs our society on all levels of government.

The long-run solution to Ford and others like him is that we must take back control of our governments.  We must engage, we must demand change and we must do it ourselves like we’ve never done it before or we will continue to be the butt of every joke from every comedian laughing at us for our complicity.

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