When Leaders Are Failures …

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It seems all of our leaders are human.  Go figure.

The ‘holier than thou’ attitudes come to a crashing halt when they come face to face with their own limitations.

They cheat, they steal, the compromise everyone’s integrity, they bully, they blame everyone but themselves, they lie and they are the lowest of the low.

Unfortunately, they keep their grip on power and control and we are too cowardly to remove them from power.  Or at least demand proper rules to ensure that abuse results in removal.

This, despite the fact that their ‘issues’ create serious breaches of ethics, morality, judgement and critical reasoning.

I can’t imagine a single decent leader right now that inspires me and that’s a problem.  They’re all scum.

This is what happens when the media berates decent individuals who are willing to surrender their personal lives for the public good when they try to challenge the thugs and the crooks that are running our cities, our countries and our world.

And what’s the result?  Why should I follow any rules related to day-to-day budgeting when our federal finance minister can’t balance the books, despite pretending to be the right man to do so?

Rob Ford continues to promise to cut taxes and end the gravy train despite being in serious breach of what sane people might call ethics and yet his actions and poor management skills are probably costing the city of Toronto billions in terms of cancelled deals, moving of operations and business managers saying ‘not here’.  These are the intangible costs that he brings on this city, province and country.

And why should I worry about my own social issues and recreational abuses of the law such as using a cell phone in a car when mayors of our towns associate with, do business with and protect drug dealers?

Why should I try to rise above the crowd when the leader of this country hides behind process and archaic rules like prorogation to avoid accountability when that’s exactly what he promised to deliver to Ottawa?

The public of Canada and the world took a turn for the worse today because, hey, if they can break the rules for their own gain, then so can I.  Of course, we know that’s not true:  we all have to play by different rules than our leaders because we’re not the ones making the rules.

You’re all scum and you make me sad because you’ve stripped your challengers of the will to defeat you.

You’re the scourge of humanity and your fate should be as positive as that delivered to French kings and queens more than 200 years ago.

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