December 13, 2013

Another $220 Million Down the Tubes

By admin


Our provincial government has blindly committed $220 million to a big company!!

Let’s celebrate!

Nothing trumps doing the right thing than a big airy announcement about 1,700 hundred ‘potential’ jobs!  And nothing will pump the big bonuses of some company somewhere like a public handout!

Wait a second.  Aren’t corporations the biggest recipients of public welfare?  Add up all of the public spending on subsidies, grants and loans to corporations and you get billions more than are ever spent on voters.

So why the handouts?

Haven’t people like Kathleen Wynne learned that companies take the money and RUN?

Haven’t they learned from companies like Electro-Motive, Caterpillar, GM and dozens of other cash-guzzling entities that money spent is a little like paying for beer?  You just rent their name for a short time and then you get pissed on?

Please, people.  Wake up and stop wasting taxpayer funds on corporations.

I know you’re desperate for some attention and love and big ‘ribbon cutting ceremonies’, but enough is enough.

They don’t love us and we should start thinking the same way.

Put the money into small businesses around the province that are committed to doing things on a local basis and that won’t nickel and dime every potential local supplier into oblivion.

Then maybe your investments will make a difference.