December 12, 2013

Canada Post: Deflection Perfection

By admin

The Cons really have whipped Canadians into a shit storm of anxiety about Canada Post and the coming cuts that everyone will have to bear.

AKA Deflection Perfection.

No one is talking about the criminals that are running Parliament into the ground.  No one is engaging in gossip about the latest detail of the Senate scandal.  No critical questions of Jim Flaherty’s complete incompetence with managing the federal budget.  Robocalls have been completely forgotten.

Not even Rob Ford merits a 20+ font type in the headlines.

Only Canada Post is being discussed today, tomorrow and for weeks to come because not only were the cuts announced as part of a strategy to say ‘flip you’ to the urban voters that DON’T vote for Conservatives, but it will be an intrinsic part of their campaign and political ammunition for several years to come.

What makes the whole issue perfect is that it’s not even being tied to the government.  All news speaks to the ‘Crown Corporation strategy to adapt’ with no ownership on the part of our federal ‘leaders’.

Bravo, Steve.  Bravo.