December 11, 2013

The (Distilled) Politics of the Canada Post Cuts

By admin

Many people are saying it’s the end of the Conservatives, but the politics of the Canada Post cuts speak to the core of their rural, ‘woe is me’, base.

The distilled version of the cuts:

  1. A solid F-U to the unions that operate from Canada Post
  2. A massive flip of the bird to the urban population of Canada, most of which doesn’t vote for the Conservatives
  3. A consolidation of votes in the rural areas that have lived without consistent Canada Post services

C’mon people:  don’t suggest that there’s something CON-spiratorial here, but don’t give them any credit either.

The Cons are just doing what Cons do.  Cut without vision, lead without leadership.  Cuts to Canada Post were inevitable and I’m glad it’s the Cons who are doing it.

What are the rest of us to do?  Let’s accept the reality that Canada Post has only existed for the past 30 years or so as a gravy train for mass marketers and cut them off.

Let’s instead develop a vision for Canada Post and other public institutions that might actually speak to a strategy for the 21st century.

Let’s build instead of destroying.

Let’s take all of these antiquated institutions and come out swinging against the REAL organizations that are controlling our society and economy:  the media companies.

Let’s create a public ISP that will compete with Bell and Rogers and that will offer wireless services to everyone, anywhere.

THAT’S vision.