January 30, 2014

Bieber = Music Industry Fail

By admin

We know the music industry is getting desperate and spiraling into massive fail mode when they throw their artists under the bus.

Justin Bieber’s staged arrest seems to be the only way the kid can get attention – and his makers ensure they get some much needed publicity from their big star.

He’s just one of many music artists that are being forced by their managers and handlers to take more risks, get more free publicity and – hopefully – sales.

As Bieber was arrested, what did he do?  Did he lament the crimes he committed?  Did he show shame for the embarrassment that he’s become?  Did he even say ‘hey kids, don’t do what I did’?


He promoted his new video that was released last night as he did his so-called walk of shame.

What kind of icon is that for our kids?

I’d like to call Bieber a douche, but I really don’t think he knows what he’s doing.  He’s just being used by higher-ups who staged the whole thing so that they could get endless airplay.

And the CBC for making all of this noise their headline story when so much more important news surrounds us?

Shame on you.  You fell right into the trap.