February 11, 2014


By admin

Doublespeak (or Deception)

The Conservative Doublespeak has been ratcheted up beyond any level I can recall.

The Bullying Bill, where all citizens will be monitored, regardless of what their activities are.

The ‘Fair Election Act’, where our Electoral Officers will no longer be able to question activities designed to manipulate elections.

The ‘Budget’, where money and balance sheets aren’t calculated, but the political implications of altering relationships of trustworthy institutions that oppose the filth running our government, like environmental groups, are.

And our MSM isn’t calling them on it, mainly because of the absurd and sad distraction of and obsession with the Olympics (am I the only one that saw ‘Gladiator’?  I know it ends poorly for the bad guy, but I know Harper won’t get drawn into any battles with his adversaries.  He’s too clever for that.).

They just keep narrating the bullet points delivered by the PMO.

All of these bills create broader powers of control for the PMO downwards and all of them make more and more Canadian citizens criminals, simply because of their beliefs and their interests.

Under Stephen Harper, Canada has become a fascist, petro-state run by corporations, with criminals acting as the political mouthpiece.

In other words, Canada’s f’ed, folks.