Corporate Canada: If you can’t get handouts, ask for more rules

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I’m so saddened, frustrated, angered and annoyed at hearing corporate Canada (and America) running around begging for handouts from our various levels of government.

The latest two examples:

To both, I say ‘stuff it’.  Get a job.  Raise the funds on your own dime.  Stop begging for protection when you don’t need it.

The use of public funds and regulations should have a single purpose:  increase public good or protect the public from harm.

Do more cars on the road or tighter rules on our digital use increase public good?  Do proposed rules protect us from harm?


Let’s look at Canadian Media Production Association ‘issue’.

Netflix – hobbled as it already is by existing regulations and restrictions – has opened up incredible worlds of access, content, control and enjoyment for millions of Canadian households.

The Canadian Media Production Association wants our joy to end.

They want endless subsidies and grants for more mediocre content and control over what we view.

I honestly don’t hear Canadians asking for more ill-conceived rules and regulations to control our digital lives.

I say F. U.

Your usefulness, questionable from the get-go, has passed.

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