What Canadians Aren’t Reading About Keystone XL Pipeline

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I’ve always admired the journalistic integrity of Bill Moyers.

He’s been a professional over several decades and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop any time soon.

For all the narrators out their pretending their journalists (in Canada and elsewhere), you could easily learn a thing or two about truth in reporting from Bill Moyers.

And so, we come to this page where a series of ongoing articles report on the Keystone XL pipeline, along with many other stories about oil politics.

For example, did anyone in Canada report that there were nationwide protests in the US against Keystonejust this past week?

Or that Keystone might create a whopping 35 jobs in North America?

Or that the US State Department’s Inspector General’s office has launched an investigation into potential conflicts of interest among the contractors that conducted the study?

Our narrators are lying to us because they don’t think about the finely tuned PR that’s shoved under their noses every day.

There’s a LOT of dislike, protest and upset about Keystone XL and it’s time Canadians dig a little deeper to understand that it’s not the good news story that the Cons are ramming down our throats.


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