Ontario Election: My Inner Debate

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I’ve wrestled with a number of different ways to voice my frustration about this Ontario election.

The key word being ‘frustration’.  Not joy or elation or even apathy.


The Liberals must be removed from office.  They have run out of ideas and they are abusing their position of power.

Tim Hudak and his team are so incompetent that they can’t schedule a debate on the right date.  If it was an intentional error, they have no right to lead this province because they have no respect for democracy.

Among dozens of other issues, they have no capacity to understand that a ‘million jobs’ would be impossible to deliver.

Then there’s the NDP.

The NDP have blown it.  COMPLETELY.  They’ve taken their platform in the wrong direction.  That’s all I’ll say about this.

The media continues to bitch about the cost of an election and continues to erroneously blame Andrea Horwath for our upcoming opportunity to determine Ontario’s fate.

And voters aren’t asking enough questions.  The level of apathy seems to be unprecedented.

What would make me happy?

Andrea Horwath and the NDP picking up steam and winning this election.  With a majority.

How should they run Ontario?  With great caution.  Don’t go crazy and give the mainstream media an excuse to call the NDP commies and be objective with unions, not caving to any and every demand.

The good news right now?  We’re fortunate enough that our local candidate is also the best candidate … and they are with the NDP.

Unfortunately, the worst candidate (a Conservative) may benefit from a vote split.

I’m back to being frustrated again.

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