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Tim Hudak Kamikazes Himself

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Tim Hudak crashes and burns.

Next question:  “Tim, why the hell would someone vote for you?”

Answer:  “We’re hoping there’s a lot of stupid going around in a few weeks”.


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My Vote for the NDP in Ontario’s Election

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Andrea Horvath and the NDP are best suited to run the Province of Ontario.

The Liberals have shown that they are too comfortable with the status quo and need to be turfed.

Tim Hudak and the Conservatives CANNOT be trusted with running Ontario.

The Greens are a throwaway and are Libertarians in disguise.

The NDP are the only option for me – and hopefully for many others – in the upcoming election.

By the way, was Andrea Horvath to blame for the election?  Absolutely NOT.

Kathleen Wynne’s government chose to unilaterally work on, develop and present a budget for Ontario without consulting either party (Tim Hudak has consistently said that he won’t work with anyone, so what good is he?).  The NDP were not brought to the table and I fully understand why they could no longer prop up a corrupt and vain government such as Kathleen Wynne’s.

Wynne’s government is employing the same tactics as Stephen Harper.  Libel chill, deflections, tax cuts for the rich and ‘Big Dig’ programs are all a waste and a ruse.

It’s time for change.

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How Can You Celebrate Honour When You Have None?

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Stephen Harper and his minions have no shame.

The May 9 ‘Day of Honour’ is a complete sham.


  • Spits in the face of other veterans, especially those who earmark Remembrance Day as the day to ‘honour’ veterans
  • Pretends to have the support of Canada’s military, while the Harper Conservatives slash pensions and benefits
  • Is NOT a national holiday, despite what the media outlets and Google might have us believe
  • Did not include any consultation from most groups, including most veteran groups
  • Ignores all tradition concerning the recognition of Canada’s head of state, the Governor General
  • Is a trashy display of militancy and the impending fascist clampdown that Stephen Harper desperately wants for Canada.

This is all about Stephen Harper and Stephen Harper only.

Stephen Harper is a shameless PR tramp out trying to deflect the public from very real issues, especially the theft of our democracy.

If I were in the military or had family or friends who served, I would beg them to avoid this ‘Day of Honour’ at all costs.

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In Today’s Mail

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In today’s mail, I received a(n):

  • KFC promo of their new ‘Big Boss’ burger
  • coupon from belairdirect
  • 10-page flyer from comFree
  • promotional brochure from a local hospital lottery
  • announcement about a 50% off jacuzzi sale
  • collection of coupons for Casey’s
  • update from our local Conservative MP

All of which are distributed by Canada Post at substantially reduced postage rates.

Why don’t we as Canadians insist that the Conservatives go stuff themselves with their plans to virtually eliminate Canada Post services for Canadians.

Better yet, why don’t we demand a ‘junk mail tax’ of, say, $1.00 per piece of junk mail sent to Canadians to ‘subsidize’ continuance of regular home delivery?

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Rob Ford Just Won the Fall Toronto Election

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By backing out and taking a leave of absence, Rob Ford has made the best move possible to ensure that he can win the next election.

In fact, I predict (again) that Rob Ford will WIN the next election.  Possibly by a land slide.

Everyone loves the ‘redemption’ story.

Don’t believe me?

George Bush Jr. withdrew from politics to find God and lose addictions.  He came back into the public scene with a vengeance and went on to win two terms as the President of the frickin’ United States!  Bush went on to systematically decimate the middle class of the US, but that’s a whole other story.

A leave of absence from the public scene removes Ford from any liability or attention concerning Toronto City Hall politics.  Anything that goes wrong is not his fault.

In fact, it will be the fault of the ‘left-leaning Socialist cabal’ that’s making life rough for him, all keywords and important dialogue that will be repeated over and over again to appeal to his ‘Duck Dynasty’ loving moronic suburban following.

To top it all off, there’s a high suspicion on my part that Conservative folks like Ford have access to the same data that the Federal Cons have been collecting on Canadians for years (and that we now know has been more intense than we ever would like to imagine).

That means they’ll be running the same memes the Harper government runs time and time again to dodge the perpetual onslaught of inspection that they continue to attract because they don’t know how to actually run governments.

That also means that they’ll start the targeting campaign now, creating a finely tuned message of redemption, victory and persistence.  And ending the ‘Gravy Train’.

Let’s regroup and see if I’m wrong – and I hope I am – after the fall municipal elections.

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