Tim Hudak’s 0% Unemployment Plan

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Tim Hudak and the Ontario Conservatives have bravely announced that he will completely and absolutely eliminate unemployment in Ontario.

What’s that?

Here’s the math, all based on figures from Statistics Canada:

  • Ontario’s population:  11.3 million
  • Labour force:  7.475 million
  • Employed:  6.919 million
  • Unemployed:  555,600
  • Unemployment rate:  7.4%

Tim Hudak’s ‘Million Job Plan’ (make that 1.1 million after cutting 100,000 workers from the public service in Ontario) would offer 2 jobs for every single unemployed person in Ontario.

This really is sheer genius.  Nobody has done this simple math yet and nobody seems to want to call bullshit on Tim Hudak for having creating a baseless campaign loaded with promises that his party would NEVER be able to fulfill.

Ultimately the question is that if the man is capable of using broadstrokes and tired Conservative ‘go-tos’ like ‘tax cuts’, ‘efficiencies’ and ‘privatization can do it better and cheaper’ to bring the unemployment rate TO ITS KNEES – something that no human being has ever done before – why the hell is he wasting his time with little old Ontario?  Why not go on to the big leagues like the UN or the US Department of Commerce or Labour and solve chronic unemployment issues on an American or global scale?

I mean, that kind of genius is simply wasted on us little Ontario folk.

In other words, go away.  Take your lies elsewhere.

Moral of the story for Ontario voters:  please put your thinking caps on when it’s election day.  If you don’t, you will certainly regret the Dark Days to Come Under Tim Hudak Conservatives.

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