June 28, 2014

CASL A Kick in the Junk to Canadian Small Businesses and All Canadians

By admin

The CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation – is the new ultimate four-letter word for all small businesses and operators that stay in touch with clients and friends via newsletters.

Introduced by the Conservatives, this legislation shows a complete and absolute lack of understanding how things work in the digital universe.

Businesses – especially small businesses run by one or a few people – are being forced to get their clients and subscribers to ‘re-subscribe’, an obtuse and idiotic process that is flooding the in-box of every single Canadian over the last few weeks and in the few days to come before the ‘deadline’ of July 1.

These same businesses have worked extremely hard to build up a list of subscribers that they can be in contact with independent of other media companies or social networks.  This is a level of control with small businesses that the Conservatives, Facebook and big business find unacceptable.

Happy Frickin Canada Day, Canada.  You’ve been spammed by thousands of companies that work extremely hard to avoid spamming you.

This pile of insult is another fine example of how the Conservatives know nothing of the digital environment.

When any organization collects email addresses, they almost always include options to ‘unsubscribe’.

Unsubscribe guys.  That’s all it takes.  You don’t need unwieldy legislation and you don’t need to force every organization in Canada or outside that wants to talk to Canadians via email to send more spam.