I Voted

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You Should Too.

Conservatives rely on apathy.  Their forces are motivated.  Their opposition should be too.

After this election, we on the progressive end of things need to mobilize our minds, spirits and energy to systematically take back our future, regardless of who the winner is.

I say this because I am disgusted with all parties and options.

I cannot stand these ‘nail-biters’.

A majority of us do not want the right-wing, Tea Party madness, but here we are.

Liberals:  just too many issues have come up under their watch.  I don’t know if it’s bad luck, bad timing or corruption, but I can’t vote for them.

Conservatives:  sorry to paint you all with the same brush, but you’re all liars and cheats.  If you stand for the nonsense that Tim Hudak spews, you have no respect from me.

NDP:  I’ve tried to work with you and support you, but the union mentality cannot be broken and I cannot support you as a result.

Greens:  I LOVE that you were the only party that put the most important issue – public school funding – on the table, but you’ll never win an election.  The libertarian sub-voice also scares the bejesus out of me.

Perhaps we register a party called ‘no one’ or ‘Canadian Citizens’ on both the provincial and federal level.  And maybe we figure out a different way to fund political parties.

I don’t know, but I know this:  we can do better than we are.

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