Why Mainstream Media Is Failing Canadians

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Post Media is apparently republishing advertorial as editorial.

The recent allegations by DeSmogBlog concerning Post Media expose a much more important truth:  media in Canada is at a crossroads and is poised to fail.

Canadians need to take this example and understand that they cannot trust mainstream media.  It is routinely packed with content that’s poured in from corporate sources. Whether it’s car industry recalls being pushed to back pages, oil industry advertorials, vaccinations that are good for us, GMOs that we should be shoveling down our throats, political spin fine-tuned to make us hate someone somewhere else (or even in our own backyards), or a thousand other messages that we’re supposed to believe, they CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

The greatest and most talented with this rouse is the one you’d least suspect:  the CBC.

For years, the CBC has been paying for private news from organizations like the Canadian Press, a privately held mouthpiece of some of Canada’s largest media conglomerates.

The repeat the stories verbatim and as fact, when what the stories really consist of is spin, un-truths and propaganda.

The way to control the world is through the voice of media. The Communists taught us this, the Fascists honed it, and today’s Corporatists have perfected it.

The more important question: what are we going to do about it?

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