Canada’s Watergate?

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The home of Justin Trudeau has been invaded.  Documents have been stolen.  A warning was left on the back porch.

All while Trudeau’s wife and children were sleeping upstairs.

An act of political terrorism has been committed.

THEY are trying to intimidate Justin Trudeau and his family.

But who would have done such a thing?

Surely not our depraved and egomaniac, ‘do no wrong’ leader Stephen Harper or his merry band of Conservatives.

I shudder at the thought that anyone in political office would even consider doing such a thing to a family in a country that pretends to live by the law of the land and democratic institutions.

But if those in charge are so desperate to cling to power, they will do anything.

Or their mindless minions will.

Be warned.  This is not Canada anymore.

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