Silencing the Masses

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The Harper use of the Canada Revenue Agency to bully environmental and activist organizations that may or may not have expressed opposition to the Harper Regime is something that should concern all Canadians.

This is another blatant abuse of power that is designed to intimidate all of us.

If organizations can be attacked and bullied in this fashion, under the guise of ensuring proper fiscal management, then ANY Canadian can be attacked as well under the same authority and rationale.

My greatest fear is that we’ll soon experience the subjective nature of these audits as members of unions, activists, writers, politicians and political volunteers and other Canadians who are vocally opposed to the Harper Regime and their corporate cronies fall under the microscope and face fines and possibly even prison sentences for errors in judgement (or basic unintentional human error) when it comes to their personal taxes and financial affairs.

Harper has opened up a vicious can of worms by using respected government institutions to bully Canadians.

This is fascism:  use of government institutions for intimidation of the masses by ‘making examples of those who get out of line’.

McCarthy played the same tricks in the 1940s and 1950s, so much so that it alienated an entire generation from folks who might be right of centre, but at least right of mind as well.

Why we stand for this in Canada today, I do not know.

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