The CRTC, Netflix and Content

This article highlights the interrogation and ‘Spanish inquisition’ type tactics of the CRTC when it comes to Netflix trying to represent themselves at hearings concerning content distribution in Canada.

Here are my thoughts:  CRTC, go f yourself after reading this comment:

Quote:  “(That’s) a heck of an answer for someone who takes hundreds of millions of dollars out of the Canadian economy.”

Do we ask the same thing of Costco, WalMart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowe’s and hundreds of other conglomerates that sponge billions from the Canadian economy?  Do we force them to disclose how many widgets they sell and threaten to tax them out of the country if they sell apples from Chile or garden hoses from China?

I can’t get over the audacity of the CRTC grilling an innovator like Netflix.  If you don’t know, the CRTC works for Rogers, Bell and other media monopolies in Canada, so it’s easy to understand the reluctance Netflix to reveal any data concerning its business as it will just wind up in the hands of its competitors.

The CRTC does NOT represent the interests of Canadians simply interested in content at a reasonable price.

The CRTC has outgrown its usefulness.  Time to shut it down before they bring about another tax, only to hand it over to their friends at Bell and Rogers.

Meanwhile,  we accept a known Fascist with open arms into the so-called pit of Canadian democracy without asking about the coup that they accomplished in the Ukraine.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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