World War III Started By Lies

It’s Sunday, it’s a beautiful morning and I have to purge these dirty, ugly about American, Stevie and ISIS so that I can go out and enjoy the rest of my day.

So, I hate to be a negative nilly, but I’m pretty sure Obama declared WW III this past week at the UN conference and our hapless leader chimed right in, begging to be a part of any fight.

ISIS – the ubiquitous, unnamed yet named organization that’s the “NEW IMPROVED” terrorism – has become the target of endless bombings, attacks and destruction at the hands of America, guaranteeing an endless war on Islam.

Stephen Harper was quick to pile on, even to a point where Americans were reminding us that he offered to join the party and wasn’t asked to provide supplies and tools for attacks.

In this report on Global News, the Americans deny asking Canada for support in any mission related to ISIS, and yet the Harper government has repeatedly lied about this simple fact, claiming that they were asked.

Why the lies, Steve?  What’s up your sleeve and how are you planning on turning this into a campaign strategy for 2015 because, after all, we know that’s the ONLY thing that matters to you.

Do you need a war on the NEW & IMPROVED TERROR known as ISIS in order to scare us into thinking ‘you’re the only one who’s able to run the country during a time of instability and frightening villains who are threatening our way of life …’

Blah blah blah.  Same old rhetoric from your playbook of treating us like idiots?

What’s truly disturbing about all of this is that World War III has been declared while we all sleep and the targets were manufactured by the Americans in the first place!

OK folks … go back to sleep.  Keep working in your slave jobs to pay taxes to be funneled into the defense/offense machine that will kill thousands of people in the Middle East.  All in the name of ‘peace’ in the Middle East.

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