War: For Wankers, Bankers and Tankers

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I celebrate peace on Remembrance Day.  I do not glorify war.

I respect the lives lost for our benefit and will not expand on this discussion, but for today’s bit about Remembrance Day, I want to remind all of you that I personally feel that War(TM) is brought to us by Wankers, Bankers and Tankers.

In other words, Wankers are those that are incapable of finding a solution other than bombing houses of civilians and bystanders.  They are those that are incapable of negotiation, tact, a sense of decency and respect for the lives of our children.  They want one thing:  endless war.  It may be a war on ‘terrorists’, ISIS or other made up enemies or it may even be a war on the people the brought them to power, with the end of civil liberties and privacy.

Bankers are those that are all too happy to line up and help the Wankers push our countries deep into debt because of their inept abilities as leaders.  They allow greed to trump life when it comes to financing Wankers.  They look at war as an opportunity to enslave governments with endless piles of debt and IOUs.

Tankers are those that mindlessly produce weapons of mass destruction.  For centuries now, this enterprise has been passed to private businesses, many of which are now publicly listed for all of us to profit on as we supply an endless parade of bombs, grenades, planes, tanks and other tools of destruction to allies and enemies alike.

Wankers, Bankers and Tankers keep a tight circle.  They fund each other, ensure Wankers are always in charge and keep the cash flow going.

I would bore you with statistics and charts showing the exponential growth in purchase of weapons, issuance of debt and declarations of war since the beginning of the 20th century, but I think it’s safe to say it’s too much.

And who pays for this cycle?

We do.  We are the enablers.

Taxes, fees, levies and other costs paid to our governments make this cycle happen and we need to break this cycle.

On this Remembrance Day, think about why we allow our governments, financial institutions and industry to continue to destroy the lives of millions around the globe.

And as the months pass and you actually decide it’s time to take action to break the cycle, stop being an enabler and consider filing a Peace Tax Return, via Conscience Canada.

The dividends may be your life, your child’s life or, dare I say, Peace on Earth.

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