2015: EJECTion not ELECTion

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2015 must be about an EJECTion and not an ELECTion in Canada.

The Stephen Harper Conservatives must be ejected from the House of Commons if we as Canadians are ever going to move forward in the world.

It’s sad that the progressive voice in Canada has to band together to oppose something – ie. the Harper Conservatives – versus finding ways to vocalize things worth living for in Canada.

The sense of frustration and annoyance with all things Harper has reached a peak and Canadian voters are desperate for solutions.

I went to a Leadnow meeting recently that ultimately inspired my thoughts for the slogan ‘Ejection, not election’.  I admit that I’m kind of on the fence with Leadnow, as they skew and steer voters towards Liberals at the expense of the NDP and Greens, but so long as they commit to being neutral, they’ll be an effective platform for all progressive Canadians to oust the Harper Conservatives in 2015.

I do know this:  the NDP have failed at the federal level and the Liberals fail me.  The Greens are just libertarians in drag, so I will simply choose that person that shows the greatest likelihood of removing a federal Conservative from power.

Please do the same in 2015, regardless of your political views so that we can collectively EJECT the Harper Conservatives in 2015.

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