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2015: EJECTion not ELECTion

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2015 must be about an EJECTion and not an ELECTion in Canada.

The Stephen Harper Conservatives must be ejected from the House of Commons if we as Canadians are ever going to move forward in the world.

It’s sad that the progressive voice in Canada has to band together to oppose something – ie. the Harper Conservatives – versus finding ways to vocalize things worth living for in Canada.

The sense of frustration and annoyance with all things Harper has reached a peak and Canadian voters are desperate for solutions.

I went to a Leadnow meeting recently that ultimately inspired my thoughts for the slogan ‘Ejection, not election’.  I admit that I’m kind of on the fence with Leadnow, as they skew and steer voters towards Liberals at the expense of the NDP and Greens, but so long as they commit to being neutral, they’ll be an effective platform for all progressive Canadians to oust the Harper Conservatives in 2015.

I do know this:  the NDP have failed at the federal level and the Liberals fail me.  The Greens are just libertarians in drag, so I will simply choose that person that shows the greatest likelihood of removing a federal Conservative from power.

Please do the same in 2015, regardless of your political views so that we can collectively EJECT the Harper Conservatives in 2015.

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Why Alberta’s Change in Politics Should Matter More to Canadians

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Just a few weeks ago, the Wild Rose Alliance (WRA) was in turmoil, but still offered to be a real threat against the provincial Conservatives.

They rose from nothing very quickly and they have faded to nothing almost as fast.

There’s a very important reason why:  our benevolent dictator wanted it that way.

The Wild Rose Party was (and still may be) a thorn in Harper’s side.

As it grew in popularity, it threatened the Conservatives at the local level, but also started to show signs of going national, or at least federal on a local level.  Alberta currently has 28 seats, with 10 new seats allocated in 2011, for a total of 38, or nearly 11.5% of the total seats available.  Prior to 2011, Alberta represented a slightly smaller portion, at 10%.

Fracturing any of that vote on the national level eliminates an important margin of error for the federal Cons, who rely on very small percentages to win majorities.  The CPC won 53% of available seats with just 39.6% of the popular vote.

Losing just a small handful of seats in Alberta to the Wild Rose party would end the Conservative majority.

To quell any possibility of majority upset at the national level, the provincial ‘rebellion’ had to be crushed, hence the ‘appointment’ of Jim Prentice (a competitor to Stephen Harper for the CPC crown) to ‘King of Alberta’.  He swooped in, decimated the reputation of the Wild Rosers (although they seemed to be doing a very good job of this themselves), brought the CPC ‘Big Tent’ approach to politics to Alberta, and that, as they say, was that.

Soon, Alison Redford crawled across the floor, shamefully turning on those that brought her and her new party to power.  This act of ‘crossing the floor’ is one of the most disgusting outcomes I can imagine for a politician because it proves all they are interested in is protecting themselves and not any greater vision that they might have stood for.  (For the record, this is very different than what I would love to see more of, which is negotiation among parties running our governments as minorities.)

To repeat, the end of the Wild Rose Party ensures 38 seats for the Cons, protecting their majority.

With that in mind, I don’t Canadians realize just how close the Cons came to losing the 2015 election on account of fractured voting in Alberta.  And as long as the Cons run Canada from a majority position, the longer they will crush and eliminate any institution that Canadians enjoy as Canadians, including democracy.

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Is It Time For a Public Inquiry?

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The Toronto Star has brought to light some allegations that threaten the good reputation of one of Canada’s most important public institutions.

It’s now pretty obvious that even a public inquiry into the actions of certain officials will prove to be of any value because everything from this point on will be circumstantial.

Canadians will likely never know what kind of relationship existed between the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).  Regardless, millions of Canadians now want to know what relationship exists, and the extent to which the Prime Minister may have abused his office and sent instructions concerning audits and attacks of certain non-Harper organizations.

2014 in Canadian politics offered up a new low, even for the Harper Conservatives.  Ham-stringing the CBC; dodging many legal challenges, especially the Michael Sona trial that should have dragged its net much wider; abuse and misuse of public funds for endless (and failed) propaganda campaigns amounting to more than $600 million per year; relentless denial of climate change and ongoing, unjustified subsidies to the oil patch …

And on and on and on.

To quote Stephen Harper:  it’s just ‘crazy’.

But as far as I’m concerned, none of these issues raise more concern than the destructive and malicious manipulation of the entire Canadian activist ‘scene’ that comes from Stephen Harper’s use of the CRA to audit organizations that still have the balls to stand up against Canada’s number one Fascist.

The CRA is an important public institution that plays a very important role in our society as a public office that pursues legitimate financial matters and complaints.

But again, recent allegations suggested by the Toronto Star indicates that the CRA and officials with Canada’s government may have been deleting text and email messages without the approval of any other public authority or third party.

Isn’t this illegal?  Destruction of public property, right?

Our friends over at Politics and Its Discontents remind us that “under the law, deleting messages for the purpose of restricting access to information is guilty of an indictable offence and could face up to two years in prison or a $10,000 fine.”

In addition to Politics and Its Discontents, other bloggers have discussed this concern, but I think the Canadian public should finally get what it deserves:  a full public inquiry.

As it stands, this issue has come to the attention of Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault:

“If the commissioner is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to investigate this matter, she may initiate an investigation. Investigations under the Act are confidential,” Legault’s spokeswoman Natalie Hall told the Star.

But since any investigation is confidential, how do we know anything’s being done to address concerns about corruption and destruction of public content?

It’s time Canadians find out what’s driving the investigations and audits originating from the CRA.

If we don’t, democracy in Canada and respect for these valuable public institutions are at risk.

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Bombs Don’t Discriminate …

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… so why does the Harper Government?

The basic ‘no Muslims allowed’ being sent by the Harper Government when it comes to Syrian refugees is disgusting, inhumane and also very typical on the agenda that this government apparently does not have.

The bombs they drop on Syrians and Iraqis don’t discriminate between women, children and men of all creeds, race and colour.

However, the Harper Government will only allow ‘Christians’ from Syria to enter Canada, further antagonizing a world that is looking for excuses to hate us.

Should that kind of selective racism tolerable to any normal Canadian?

Should this be the image that we want to project to the rest of the world?

‘Only Christians need apply.  To hell with the rest of you because you’re heathens.  And a Merry F*ing Christmas.  Because that’s the only religious holiday that we’ll f*ing-well tolerate in this fascist Christian country.’

Nice message for the time of year, don’t you think?

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The REAL Issue With Targeted CRA Audits

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There’s no secret now that Stephen Harper is using the CRA to bully and cow environmental and other charity-status organizations that oppose him.

On the surface, the answer to ‘why’ is all too simple:  to defeat any enemy organization that stands in his path, regardless of the cost to Canadian democracy and the right to free speech in Canada.

However, the deeper issue is even more menacing and hard to conceive.  My theory?  The purpose of an audit is not just to keep an organization at bay and to keep them from mounting any plausible defense for the Canadian environment or other issues that Harper loathes (ie. humans living nicely), but to gain access to the people that support the organization.

That’s right.  Harper is using the CRA to build a list.

A massive list of people that he feels must be crushed, else they find a way to evade his dead gaze and people-hating mantra for oil.

This list of people will become the target of every invasion of privacy, be it from the CRA, the RCMP and other security organizations until they finally acquiesce, giving in to the insane pressure from a malevolent and evil government that hates freedom in Canada.

This action WILL put the ultimate choke-hold on the rights of all Canadians, because most will be afraid to donate to this organizations, lest they get added to the list of ‘naughtys’ as well.

So you see, it’s not just the first action that he’s forced the CRA to take against well-wishing Canadians.  It’s the endless harassment and fear that comes with it, pushing us all into a corner and bullying us into submission.

And like a wretched, perverse version of the fun-loving seasonal St Nick, Stephen Harper has you on his ‘naughty’ list, whether you like it or not.

Just ask Dr. Patricia Sutherland who spoke up in a recent CBC interview (and then later fired) how she feels about it.

And when they come knocking on your door because you donated to a bird watchers group or charity that opposes the Tar Sands, what are you going to do about it?

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