December 29, 2014

Unpublished, Published 2014 Edition

By admin

During 2014, I was either time-strapped, too lazy or not as well informed or researched as I would have liked to have been when writing blog articles for Excited Delirium.  However, as an end-of-year resolution (as opposed to New Year resolution, which comes in a few days), I’ve decided to scramble a little and get some of them out there, as many are still relevant and hopefully keep some conversations going about what we can do better in Canada.

I’ve done my best to add some coherence to most of the articles, but will apologize in advance for any shortcomings, including obvious gaps in logic, lack of supporting data and rushed thoughts.

Here are a few of the links:

Anyways, enjoy what you pick and pick what you might enjoy!

Wishing you all the best and most progressive New Year in 2015.