January 26, 2015

Another Rate Cut? The Cons Are That Desperate.

By admin

Shortly after taking an unprecedented move of lowering interest rates when the economy doesn’t need a cut, rumours abound that there’s a possibility that the Bank of Canada may cut the prime lending rate.


Yes, the Stephen Harper Conservatives are that desperate.

Not only have they interfered with Canadian monetary policy in an extremely obtuse and interventionist way to try to jump-start the Canadian economy, the rumours seem to be stating that they will do it again.

After destroying fiscal policy and recklessly slashing himself into a corner with poorly designed tax cuts for the corporate elite, Stephen Harper doesn’t have any more tricks up his sleeve.

He’s declared war on faceless terrorists, despite already being at war with them.

He’s ruthlessly assaulted Canadian democratic and public institutions, manipulating them in such a horrid and twisted way that no proud Canadian would consider them ‘theirs’.  Stats Can.  The Parliamentary Budget Office.  The Senate.  The House of Commons.  The Canadian Revenue Agency.  The National Energy Board.  Veteran’s Affairs.  The Department of Finance.

He’s created propaganda agencies to lie to Canadians about how it’s important to buy medical marijuana and stay away from illegal marijuana or debunking 5 ‘myths’ about GMOs.

He’s spent billions in ad dollars on Canada’s largest media conglomerates.

He’s broken most of his own rules, let alone defy any moral or ethical priorities that the bulk of Canadians have.

He’s about to introduce the most ridiculous, controlling and anti-democratic legislation concerning ‘terrorism’ in Canada, which will no doubt result in the shutting of conversations on a national scale.

And much, much more.

And now, the Bank of Canada is his new economic bastard child.

The last economic device he has at his disposal will also be sullied by his ignorant and arrogant hand.  No low in the Canadian dollar will be low enough if it doesn’t provide an economic CPR session.

Unfortunately, these so-called economists are desperate and will stoop to new, unprecedented lows in order to stay in control of Canada.

Stephen Harper is like Greg Stinson in The Deadzone, holding up a baby to save himself from his political end.