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Justin Trudeau Just Lost My Vote

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Ugh.  Just when I convince myself that it’s OK to trust the Liberals, Justin Trudeau goes and does something like support the ‘walls have ears and eyes’ legislation to be brought down by Canada’s Weimar Republic.

Today it was announced that he and the Liberals would support Stephen Harper’s massively invasive and controlling Bill C-51.

So … Justin.  When the left is calling out to you to help us defeat Harper, you say you won’t engage in coalitions, but he you are throwing your support behind the Cons.

We finally understand what you’re all about.

Stephen Harper lite.  That’s all we need.

Tom Mulcair:  it’s your move.

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Vaccinations, No Thank You.

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Earlier today, CBC Ontario Morning ran an interview concerning vaccinations and ‘outbreaks’ of diseases like measles or mumps.

I for one am sick of this endless bullying by media, including the CBC, of parents who have chosen to live without vaccinations.

I’m one of the parents who have chosen to opt out of vaccinations for my child.  I’m very upset about the endless accusations that I’m causing a problem and that I’m not thinking about the health of my child.  You’re wrong.  The health of my child and my family and friends is absolutely the most important thing on my mind.

We tell our kids not to bully in the school yard and yet the CBC is using morning shows and talk shows as an endless parade of accusation that I am sick of.

Show me the ingredient list that goes with vaccinations.  A full, descriptive ingredient list.

Show me the billions that are being made by pharmaceutical companies and the massive profits that are being made at the expense of 4 or 5 kids that unfortunately have measles.

Show me the proof that shows that vaccinations actually work.  What works is clean water and an infrastructure that prevents us from having to deal with human waste in streets.  This is the real cure for any of these diseases, not a corporate-sponsored indoctrination program.

This decision was not an easy one, but the endless attacks on my intelligence and respect for my neighbours and friends is frustrating, to say the least.

On a different level, my kid doesn’t have asthma, autism, allergies, ADHD or other health problems that seem to be ubiquitous and growing in parallel with the mindless adherence to vaccination requirements.  Coincidence?

One final thought:  if vaccinations are such an important contribution to the health of our children and everyone has received a shot, what are they afraid of?  Why are they so willing to blindly accuse me of wrongs when they’re stupidly agreeing with the talking heads from pharma companies?

The CBC and other media companies embarrass me with this assault.

Shame on you.

If I can’t choose to avoid something as simple as vaccinations, we do NOT live in a democratic world.

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The Internet & Stephen Harper: If You Can’t Control It, Vilify It

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The stage has been set for a massive intimidation campaign by Stephen Harper against the Internet.

The Internet is the last form of media that Stephen Harper can’t control, so he and his minions are on a mission to vilify it.

The new draconian, massive-invasion-of-privacy ‘Anti-Terrorist’ act Bill C-44 (previously Bill C-51) has poked its head up previously under the guidance of the Stephen Harper government.  They have tried repeatedly to clamp down on Internet activities and freedoms in one form or another and will not rest until they have complete control of all commentary available in the digital space.

They are obsessed with controlling the message and can’t so long as the Internet is free from fear.

Regurgitate the ‘new and improved’ Anti-Terrorist Act, Bill C-44, by Stephen Harper.

It will control what Canadians say about any kind of revolution, defiance and acts of freedom all under the guise of a very malevolent and commonly misused word ‘terrorism’.

Canadians will be stripped of many rights, especially those of free speech.

We will be intimidated and harassed by all levels of the security establishment until we are all silent and stop trying to tell the true about what a corrupt and vile cabal the Stephen Harper Conservatives are.

We will be forced to question the risk of publishing our views compared to being assaulted, kidnapped by authorities and silenced by the Fascists that control Canada today.

Yes, Fascists.  Stephen Harper and his goons are Fascists, despite what others may state.

And yes, the terrorists have won when a single person – the leader of Canada – can successfully spread the meme that it was a jihadi terrorist that brought about these changes, not a police officer or public servant.

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