February 6, 2015

Vaccines: I’m Not the Enemy

By admin

Again, I’m going to defend my beliefs against the tsunami of mindless assaults on my right to choose when it comes to health options for my family.

The ‘outbreak’ of 5 cases in Toronto has whipped people into a pitchfork-heaving frenzy, with the mob of morons claiming that I should go to jail or that I’m a hazard to public safety reaching an all-time peak (or low, if you will).

Tens of thousands of people die in car accidents per year.  This is a preventable ‘outbreak’ that happens day in day out.

Do we panic about it?  Do we ban all cars on the road?  Do we put people in jail because they choose not to drive on the road or use a car?

Or, flipping this around, since we know driving a car is killing our planet and causing unprecedented levels of carbon-related illnesses like asthma, do we ban people from driving?

Do we force carnivores to convert to being vegetarians because we KNOW that mass production and processing of beef is causing unprecedented levels of cancers and other diseases?  Why don’t we go a step further and prohibit people who are overweight (ie. about 75% of us) from health services?

These arguments come up all the time, but they’re not implemented because we know they’re not reasonable and they’re a severe infringement on people’s right to choose.

But vaccines are treated differently, aren’t they?

Now, I’m no ‘Enemy of the People‘, but I’m going to repeat my questions about vaccines:

  • What ingredients are in vaccines?
  • Why doesn’t our government track negative and harmful effects of vaccines?
  • Why are people who are vaccinated so afraid of people who aren’t vaccinated?  You’re protected.  Right?
  • How much money are pharma companies making from vaccines and why aren’t they supplying them for free if vaccines are such an important tool for preventing ‘outbreak’?

Until our public health authorities provide more transparency, I do NOT believe that vaccines are the miracle cure they are set up to be.

Prove me wrong.