February 20, 2015

Why Is The Clinton Foundation Receiving Donations From Foreign Affairs?

By admin

Yes, up to $500,000 of Canadian taxpayer dollars went to the Clinton Foundation, an organization that Hillary and the ex-President both have a hand in managing.

While it’s not 100% clear if Hillary will run for President in 2016, the source had this to say about the donation from Foreign Affairs Canada:

The donation from the agency supporting Keystone XL could come into question, as it has been a hot-button political issue in the US. A bill that would allow construction of the pipeline – which would carry oil from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada to the US Gulf Coast – has passed Congress and awaits the President Barack Obama’s signature. The president has promised to veto the bill.

The foundation spokesman said the donation from the Canadian agency was from an office separate from the one that advocates for Keystone XL.

This is very vague, and obviously for good reason.

If Hillary Clinton does run for President in 2016 and the campaign supports Keystone XL, what does this say about our government and use of taxpayer dollars to support this kind of project?

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, their mandate includes a requirement to:

Deepen commercial relations with the United States through support for innovation and foreign investment and promote Canada as a stable and secure source of energy and energy technology, such as the Keystone XL initiative.

Does this include indirect payments as campaign contributions to try to influence the outcome?  To be honest, I did not realize that our government was in the business of making ‘donations’ to international organizations such as the Clinton Foundation.

I don’t know what the connection might be and no source I researched clearly identified what the connection is, but if there is one, isn’t this a profound abuse of Canadian taxpayer dollars?  Doesn’t this open up a massive can of worms about how the Harper government is operating on the international stage?