March 1, 2015

From ‘Covert’ to ‘Overt’ to ‘Over’

By admin

Canadians have lost our freedoms, one small piece at a time.

For a while, the spying on Canadians was a covert operation, seemingly necessary to watch us, while black ops and spies lurked in the background.  We were supervised from a distance, with the bulk of us never knowing that we were being monitored, if we were being monitored at all.  Usually, this activity was done in aggregate, with various agencies doing this in bulk and observing trends in our behaviours.  Employees were still employees of the public, lead by an ethical dictum that the rights of Canadians were sacrosanct and ultimate.  In most cases, the covert nature of spying and protection was beyond our soil, watching others, waiting in anticipation for what evil they might seemingly unleash upon us freedom-loving Canadians.

Over the last 10 years, the control of our lives has become much more overt.  For me, the turning point was the G-20 summit in Toronto several years ago.  The Conservative regime was just a couple of years into a minority government and our government (OUR government) used a strong fist and swift elimination of basic freedoms to show protesters that THEY were in charge.  No expense was spared and no effort was considered too crazy, including intentional burning of police cars and placement of provocateurs.  The rights of Canadian citizens to protest publicly was ended on that day.

Overt tactics were brought to our doorsteps, our homes, our daily activities.  We are the ones being watched now, not ‘them’ as they plot against us overseas.

Overt tactics like repeated pounding of critical meme words like ‘radicalization’ and ‘terrorist’ and even ‘anti-social’ into our daily news and discussions make us either turn off the news or learn to fear ‘them’ as they plot against us and that ‘they’ are everywhere, lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on peace-loving Canadians.

Reichstag moments seem to be routine these days, giving our government all it needs to take away more freedoms.

Which brings us to over, just a few letters different from covert and even overt activities.

The ability of Canadians to peacefully protest, speak their minds and engage in political action has ended under the Harper regime.  Our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution are over.  We will be ever over-viewed, over-watched, over-monitored, all in our our own homes, our businesses and in public places.

All without over-sight.

And those people who bravely fought for our freedoms in World War I and World War II, they are surely rolling over in their graves now that those freedoms have been vanquished by Stephen Harper and his corrupt cabal of goons.

Our voting and electoral system is a complete fraud and the Conservatives know it’s over-rated and prey to over-abuse.  The Conservatives will continue to cheat and deceive and make promises that they only have to extend to a select few, while the masses think they’re doing it all for them.  Over-exaggeration of the benefits to us all will be spread by the over-simplified Canadian press and media, cowed into submission by taxpayer-funded ad dollars.

With that, I’d like to thank all of you for reading this blog and tell you that my critiquing days are over.  I’ve thought long and hard about this and it’s time to move on.  I don’t want an overzealous Gestapo thinking I’m one of those people that Harper’s Canada needs to worry about and I don’t want to set my own trap either.

On the odd occasion, I’ll continue to write fiction and post it to this blog, but it’s apparent that the Fascists have won and will continue to win until the better, peace-loving forces of this world realize what we’ve let happen to our Canada.

Excited Delirium won’t be shut down and will still be available to the public.  What’s out there is out there and while there are some blog articles I’d love to take back – only because they were written in the heat of the moment – I’m proud of my contribution to date.

Thank you!