Harper Surrounds Himself with CoCCs

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And they keep PAC-ing the bull shit in!!

The Council of Conservative Citizens – or CoCCs as they seem to want to be called – has launched a federal election campaign with no budget limits, no rules hanging over their heads and zero, zip, zilch accountability when it comes to truth in Canadian politics.

Despite some of the mystery, the National Post listed some of the key advisors that, quelle coincidence, reads like a ‘who’s who’ of Harper’s fan club:

  • Stephen Taylor, former director, National Citizens Coalition
  • Kasra Nejatian, former director of strategic planning for then-immigration minister Jason Kenney
  • Michele Austin, former chief of staff to ministers Rona Ambrose and Maxime Bernier
  • Jonathan Denis, former Alberta justice minister
  • Dan Mader, former chief of staff to associate minister of defence Julian Fantino
  • Chris Froggatt, former chief of staff to longtime minister John Baird
  • Zoe Addington, former director of policy for minister Tony Clement and past spokesperson for Canadian Natural Resources Limited
  • Brad Tennant, former director of political operations for the Wildrose Party in Alberta

Obviously, Canadians will have to put up with this shit until some actual rules are in place – and not just fake rules buried in an omnibus bill designed to take away democratic rights for a wide sweeping array of Canadian voters – that will put a cap on this kind of crap.

Why?  Because Canadians are being manipulated yet again by the king rule breaker:  Stephen Harper.

But what’s truly sad about this?  Too many Canadians still buy the heaping steaming pile of crap that Harper and his goons are selling them.

PS.  Yes, I’m back.  I just couldn’t let Montreal Simon have all the fun on ProgressiveBloggers.ca.

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