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What Do Jimmy Carter and Morgan Wheeldon Have in Common?

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They both believe that Israel is on the wrong side of history when it comes to the treatment of Palestinians.

In a recent interview with Truthout (sponsor them here), Jimmy Carter insinuated that Israel has instituted a permanent state of apartheid against the Palestinians.  Only, he wouldn’t call it ‘apartheid’.

The reason Carter won’t directly say Israel is using apartheid is that it is

an actionable crime under the Rome Statute, ratified in 2002, that created the International Criminal Court. To the extent that the judges there are affected by public opinion and international norms, the public stance of someone of Jimmy Carter’s stature is potentially important if Palestine brings an action against Tel Aviv on this basis.

The accusation – sorry, insinuation – has hurt Jimmy Carter.  Members of his foundation board resigned in a very noisy manner and he’s now being rejected for speaking engagements.

And the point … Morgan Wheeldon, now formally of the NDP, removed himself as a candidate because of the accusation that he said Israel was engaged in ethnic cleansing of the region.  Carter said this too, reminding us that a one-state solution (as prescribed by Israel and endorsed by the Stephen Harper Conservatives) would require annexation of Palestine and retention of a “Jewish-majority vision of Israel by keeping the Palestinians stateless and excluded from the vote. So Carter wouldn’t use the word (lest that become the only headline), but he accepted the argument for the use of the word. Surely that amounts to the same thing.

That is, apartheid.

Based on the NDP removal of Morgan Wheeldon as a candidate, I now look to the Green Party of Canada as the only voice of reason in this discussion:

Green Party MPs will:

  • Endorse the recognition of a Palestinian right to statehood within the internationally recognized borders as described in United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, and support a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict that adheres to pre-1967 borders and incorporates an international plan for stimulating economic prosperity in both nations;
  • Call on both sides to immediately stop the killing of civilians and adhere to international law;
  • Protect as inviolable the right of the State of Israel to exist, in the absence of fear and conflict;
  • Call on Arab countries to use their influence to broker an agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian National Authority to facilitate the promotion of peace amongst the competing Palestinian interests;
  • Call for an end to the collective siege of Gaza so that medical and humanitarian aid can be provided;
  • Call on Israel to stop expansion and the building of illegal settlements beyond the 1967 borders;
  • Actively support the efforts of civil society groups working for peace, human rights, and justice in the region.
  • Encourage the Canadian government to press for a mutually agreed-upon honest broker to engage in bi-literal and multi-lateral peace talks involving Palestinians and Israelis

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Two Food-Related Myths Shattered

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(For those wishing to take a break from Canada’s election).

In other news …

I was browsing (what I call a selective consolidator) this morning and came across two headlines that were health-related:

Meat and Dairy Saturated Fats Not as Bad as We’ve Been Told …

Those natural fats – olive oils, fat from animals used dairy products and other treats, eggs, chocolate – won’t kill us, but should still be used in moderation, according to Canadian researchers.

In fact, it turns out that manufactured fats (margarine, trans-fats, etc) are deadly dangerous for our health and we should stay away from them.

The researchers involved still seem somewhat on the fence for a number of items and stick to the ‘traditional’ recommendation that you shouldn’t go eat a dozen butter-based cookies, but they definitely pit natural vs manufactured foods products as ‘good vs evil’.

For dietary reasons, I’ve had to eliminate a LOT of fats.  It’s tough and I fail often.  That said, I avoid manufactured products (think dried package goods) and ‘fresh baked’ items from major department stores unless they explicitly say that the oils are natural.

I’m fine with butters and cheeses, but I choose stuff that’s salt-reduced.

Anyways, the next story is …

Teflon Kills

This in-depth article on Dupont, Teflon and the chemical industry sheds some light on the substance that most North Americans use on a daily basis and don’t even know it.

‘Non-stick’ is certainly very helpful when it comes to cleaning, but it stays with us.

I’m not a scientist, journalist, researcher or anyone else that might be qualified to pass judgement on this for everyone else to act on, but …

We moved over to cast-iron pans years ago and will never look back.  As you purchase these pans, all you have to do is ‘season’ them by adding some oil (olive, grapeseed, etc) to the pan, warming it slowly and then rinsing it with water and a soft scrub pad.

Dry it immediately so it doesn’t rust.

NEVER use soap on the pan.

Once seasoned properly, the pan is basically non-stick.  Just be careful not to crank the heat on it.

Why Am I Bringing This Up?

I use this blog to rant about a lot of things, but my primary focus is to voice concerns about how we’re being manipulated to buy shit.

I believe we must be vigilant to protect ourselves and educate ourselves about how to live our lives cleanly and respectfully of the planet and what it gives us.

This also means that government, the media, corporations and research organizations cannot always be trusted or have the best interest of their citizens or consumers in mind.

And here’s my point … there’s nothing wrong with science.  I can’t imagine a more creative, ambitious and energizing time to be alive and science leads the way.

However, I don’t trust CORPORATE science to deliver objective and 100% safe recommendations when it comes to things like vaccines, GMOs and other things that go into my body and that of my child.

There it is.

Let the name calling begin.

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On Stephen Harper’s Attack of the Ontario Pension Ambitions

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Stephen Harper has chosen to stick his nose into someone else’s business.

What else is new, right?

In this case, it’s all about the Province of Ontario’s ambitions concerning their own pension plan.

What Canadians – and most importantly, the people of Ontario – are NOT being told is that this is a VERY significant power play.

It’s about financial independence for the province of Ontario, which the federal Cons are not fans of.  The more we collect here (Ontario) for Ontarians, the less dependent we are on decisions from Parliament Hill and the CPP.  It’s essentially what Alberta’s fund was all about (until the Cons destroyed it).  An Ontario-funded pension could potentially have a mandate of considering Ontario ventures and companies first before looking outside the border, balanced with a mandate of maximizing ROI.

In the past, the CPP has been significantly over-weighted in resource stocks, including oil, benefiting oil producing provinces (eg. Alberta).  A forward-looking Ontario can instead invest in renewable projects, technology companies and other ‘local’ businesses that benefit the people of Ontario.

Even though I personally find the attacks embarrassing for Stephen Harper, the federal Cons have made it an election issue because (a) they can easily describe it as a tax, (b) it distracts from their complete failure to manage the economy as they pretend they do and (c) they are attacking Liberals in the process.  People tend not to differentiate between provincial and federal politics, so it’s an easy win for the Cons.

Wynne and the rest of Ontario should tell Stephen Harper to bugger off and mind his own business.  However, since he doesn’t do that very well, the Ontario pension plan is a perfect deflection.

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The Leading NDP Need to Show Leadership

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By not cowering away from two important sore points in Canadian economic and political policy:

  1. The Tar Sands are killing Canada and its reputation on many different levels.  Leaving Tar in the ground is OK by me.
  2. Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians, and yet it seems offensive to speak the truth about what’s happening in the world.  By removing Morgan Wheeldon, the NDP are complicit in the crimes being committed by Israel.

Tom Mulcair:  you have (had?) the lead.

Prove you’re a leader.

Take a tough stand on these and other issues and stop playing into Harper’s hands.

Canada will reward you when you do.

Reaction to McQuaig Fuel Awareness of Harper’s Lack of Plan

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And lies about managing the economy.

A good manager looks at all of the resources, talents and opportunities of a country, not just a single industry.  Stephen Harper is NOT a good manager because he is obsessed with one aspect of our economy – at the expense of all others.

The Tar Sands in Canada account for just 2% of our GDP, but Stephen Harper and the Conservatives would have us believe that they are the ‘Golden Goose’ that lays all eggs for Canada.

Rotten eggs, that is.

Linda McQuaig – NDP candidate for Toronto Centre – recently repeated what millions of scientists, analysts, environmentalists, politicians and Stephen Harper himself have committed to in signing international declarations concerning limiting carbon emissions.

We need to leave the tar in the ground if we’re going to survive the 21st century.

So why then are McQuaig’s comments generating so much controversy?

Because it proves Harper and his cabal have no plan.

Yes, they’ve agreed to limit emissions globally, but they do not have a plan to engage the country’s largest polluter, the Tar Sands, as a means of addressing these commitments.

Yet another example of Stephen Harper’s mouth writing cheques his ass can’t cash.