Two Food-Related Myths Shattered

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(For those wishing to take a break from Canada’s election).

In other news …

I was browsing (what I call a selective consolidator) this morning and came across two headlines that were health-related:

Meat and Dairy Saturated Fats Not as Bad as We’ve Been Told …

Those natural fats – olive oils, fat from animals used dairy products and other treats, eggs, chocolate – won’t kill us, but should still be used in moderation, according to Canadian researchers.

In fact, it turns out that manufactured fats (margarine, trans-fats, etc) are deadly dangerous for our health and we should stay away from them.

The researchers involved still seem somewhat on the fence for a number of items and stick to the ‘traditional’ recommendation that you shouldn’t go eat a dozen butter-based cookies, but they definitely pit natural vs manufactured foods products as ‘good vs evil’.

For dietary reasons, I’ve had to eliminate a LOT of fats.  It’s tough and I fail often.  That said, I avoid manufactured products (think dried package goods) and ‘fresh baked’ items from major department stores unless they explicitly say that the oils are natural.

I’m fine with butters and cheeses, but I choose stuff that’s salt-reduced.

Anyways, the next story is …

Teflon Kills

This in-depth article on Dupont, Teflon and the chemical industry sheds some light on the substance that most North Americans use on a daily basis and don’t even know it.

‘Non-stick’ is certainly very helpful when it comes to cleaning, but it stays with us.

I’m not a scientist, journalist, researcher or anyone else that might be qualified to pass judgement on this for everyone else to act on, but …

We moved over to cast-iron pans years ago and will never look back.  As you purchase these pans, all you have to do is ‘season’ them by adding some oil (olive, grapeseed, etc) to the pan, warming it slowly and then rinsing it with water and a soft scrub pad.

Dry it immediately so it doesn’t rust.

NEVER use soap on the pan.

Once seasoned properly, the pan is basically non-stick.  Just be careful not to crank the heat on it.

Why Am I Bringing This Up?

I use this blog to rant about a lot of things, but my primary focus is to voice concerns about how we’re being manipulated to buy shit.

I believe we must be vigilant to protect ourselves and educate ourselves about how to live our lives cleanly and respectfully of the planet and what it gives us.

This also means that government, the media, corporations and research organizations cannot always be trusted or have the best interest of their citizens or consumers in mind.

And here’s my point … there’s nothing wrong with science.  I can’t imagine a more creative, ambitious and energizing time to be alive and science leads the way.

However, I don’t trust CORPORATE science to deliver objective and 100% safe recommendations when it comes to things like vaccines, GMOs and other things that go into my body and that of my child.

There it is.

Let the name calling begin.

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2 comments on “Two Food-Related Myths Shattered

  1. No name calling, but a quick check with is nowhere near as alarmist about Teflon. And GMO’s have been proven safe, and accepted by an international consensus of scientists. Same with vaccines. They are both covered extensively by Mommy PhD.’s blog. If you have evidence otherwise you can become the first to discredit thousands if scientists all over the world.
    That said of course don’t trust corporations, you always have to have your bullshit detection kit. S

  2. For the record, I’m not an ‘anti-vaxxer’. I very much pro-health.

    I actually believe the pure science associated with vaccines. I would take them, make my kid take them and encourage everyone else to take them.

    BUT … it’s like a sugary cereal claiming that there’s natural ingredients (eg. maybe a touch of wheat to go with the sugar) in their product. Do we believe the whole product is good for us or do we question the value of that product because it’s filled with crap that will hurt our children as opposed to make them better.

    The same companies are making vaccines and they’re not giving us the full picture.

    Until we get full transparency on vaccines (who’s making them, what’s in them, what the defect incidence is, how much we’re spending on them) I want nothing to do with them.

    Here are a few links that discredit the corporate machine behind vaccines:
    The Science is In, MMR is Out:
    Study of VAERS database:
    Infant Dies After 8 Vaccinations:
    Japan Bans MMR:
    Merck Whistleblowers:
    Italian Court Rules MMR Causes Autism:
    MMF Caused by Aluminum Adjuvant:
    Vaccine Fraud Exposed:
    Scientific Analysis & Feedback on Vaccines:
    Toronto Star back peddles on story about vaccines:

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