Canadians STILL Getting Gouged at the Pumps

For those of who are still stupid enough to keep driving everywhere (I’m one!), the news today from the National Observer (my new favourite news source) identified that we’ve been paying an outrageous amount more for gas over the last 8 months than any time in the last 15 years.

canadian_refinery_and_marketing_marginsAnd yes, I still believe Stephen Harper will try to take credit for the recent decline to reality.

Now, just to add a little policy to the whole discussion, I know how to crush oil.

Eliminate the deduction of gas expenses from your taxes.  I know I’m talking about businesses, but many households have small businesses that are part of their tax planning.  But not of the Justin Trudeau tax scam kind.  With our small business, we deduct about $2,000 worthy of gas, pro-rated to the amount we use for business.  It makes a difference, but I’d change my habits if we did something more proactive and environmentally friendly.

The only deductions that WOULD be allowed would be those related to implementation and use of renewable fuels and energy.

It would be a 180 moment in our history.

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