How To Vote Harper Out

Another winner from the National Observer.  They review the basics of what we in the progressive universe of Canada (ie. the vast majority of voters) can do to get Harper out of office.


  1. Focus on electoral reform and parties that support it.
  2. Order a poll
  3. Publicize the results of the poll everywhere in your riding
  4. Encourage everyone to change their vote to ensure a Harper loss
  5. (My addition)  Make sure you’re registered and VOTE

So … who’s up for helping fund polls on a local basis?  Who has a list of who’s doing local polls?

There’s also this update from  I’m a little less trusting of this site because it’s based on historical voting data (ie. from 2011) and doesn’t capture current sentiment.  That said, if you’re just not sure and you’re absolutely committed to the only option progressives should be following (ie. getting rid of Harper), this is your checklist.

Ultimately, I’m not a fan of strategic voting.  However, when I look at my own moods over the last few weeks, I have to acknowledge the primary objective and make sure I do my best to see it through and help Canada live without Harper.

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