September 22, 2015

Yet More Evidence That Corporations Can’t Be Trusted

By admin

Yes, corporations are run by people, but the recent announcement concerning Volkswagen reminds us that you can’t trust corporations to do the right thing.

In the past, I’ve ranted about dozens of topics, usually focusing on the Tar Sands, tailings ponds, vaccines, GMOs and other corporate-driven agendas.

Of course, I’m still a capitalist, but what I’d call a ‘social libertarian’.  I believe there’s a place for the corporations in our lives (although I’m a bigger fan of organizations like co-ops), but we must find better ways to control them or at least devote more resources to questioning what they tell us.

If we don’t, we’re putting our future into the hands of a few people that think they know what’s good for us when they clearly don’t.