October 19, 2015

If I Hear One More Lazy-Assed Journalist Complain About How Long the Campaign Has Been …

By admin

If I hear one more lazy-assed journalist complain about the length of Election 42, I’m going to scream.

Many countries – think of the US – have substantially longer campaigns and they celebrate – gasp! – celebrate the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

So screw you, mainstream media!  Stop bitching about how long this campaign has been.  I know it’s not your normal bowl of oatmeal served up by corporate press releases that you just narrate, but put on your f-ing thinking caps and start reporting and doing the f-ing job you’re supposed to love doing.

And stop being shills for the Cons.

So … yes, the day has come.  Stop with the empty-headed ‘analysis’ of ‘well, Quebec might be an important province for determining the outcome, and so can Ontario and yes, as you look west, Alberta and BC will be important as well’.

We’re ALL f-ing important, so stop patronizing us with this simpleton look at Canadian politics.


But hey, this pain in the ass long election will be over tomorrow and with any luck and a LOT of effort, we’ll finally be rid of Harper.