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I’ve taken a nice break from blogging over the past 10 days or so and I’m very pleased to say I’m, well, happy.  I had no greater fear than ‘he who shall not be named’ winning last week and he didn’t.

Moving on …

The prime minister's residenceat 24 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa. Prime Minister Stephen Harper will not renovate it because of the cost. (CNS-HOMES-WALK-SCORE--OTTAWA, ON: AUGUST 14, 2007 -- An aerial view of the Prime Minister's residence, 24 Sussex Drive, is shown in this August 14, 2007 file photo. When it comes to walkability, Barack Obama’s Washington digs beat out Gordon Brown’s home at 10 Downing Street. Both famous residences scored far higher than Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s stone mansion at 24 Sussex Drive.  (MIKE CARROCCETTO / Ottawa Citizen)          FOR CANWEST HOMES PACKAGE, JAN. 26, 2010 ORG XMIT: POS2013082712034133)

My suggestion?

In a symbolic gesture, Justin and crew should bring it to the ground and start from scratch.

Rebuild instead of doing endless patchwork jobs.

Use only green and advanced technology, making the entire estate ‘off grid’ and a model of home building for all of Canada.  Solar, wind and geothermal would be just a start to making the new residence state of the art and a model of what everyone across the country should try to achieve.  Asbestos-free, metal roofs, R-40 insulation, etc etc etc.  A vegetable garden as part of the landscaping.

And yes, put your mark on it.  Build in little ‘funky’ elements like hidden rooms, a ‘Justin Bustin dance hall’ and so on.

Apply this approach to the entirety of Canadian politics and the need to start from scratch.

Yes, I’m sure there will be bits and pieces that will remain in place, but making a fresh start is so, well, refreshing.

And if you’re stuck for ideas?  Get the CBC (ie. the new one once you replace all of the Conservative deadwood) to do a ‘reality’ show about the whole effort.

Have some fun with it.

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