October 18, 2015

Thoughts on the Last Days of Stephen Harper

By admin

Today and tomorrow will be the last we’ll have to hear about Stephen Harper as leader of Canada.  On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, Canada will become Canada again and the dark days will fade.  I am optimistic because of what I’ve seen in the last 3 months of #elxn42.

Why am I so confident?  Why do I feel like the sun is shining and a brand new day is emerging?

Canadians Loathe Stephen Harper

I’ve seen more Canadians than ever rally against Stephen Harper.  It’s heartwarming and reminds me that there are moments of hope and vision for Canada.  Organizations like LeadNow and StrategicVoting have helped Canadians understand that it’s ALL OF US against a very few, twisted people that want to continue to deform and ruin Canada.  People have become vocal on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  Everyday citizens are saying ‘this is not my Canada’.

We want a Canada that we can be proud of.

Stephen Harper is a Failed Economist

Economic manipulation will hopefully be a thing of the past with Stephen Harper.

No more ‘bait and switch’ budgets, no more years of extravagant spending while pretending to be prudent, no more deficits positioned as surpluses.

No more failed economy.  We will once again start a phase of Canadian growth, success and prosperity.

Stephen Harper’s Coalition Will Fall Apart

Stephen Harper claims that coalitions are bad for Canada, but Canadians need to remind themselves that the ‘Conservatives’ are a twisted blend of racist, homophobic, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration religious zealots that are supported by losers like Rob Ford, Jeb Bush and other political has-beens.

As Canadians bring about more fair elections – a mandate of ALL of the progressive parties in Canada – the the Conservative Party of Canada coalition will fail.

This coalition – a mutation – of the Progressive Conservatives, the Alliance Party and the Reform Party will fall apart, having killed the host and ‘Conservatives’ will be no longer.

Stephen Harper is a Liar and We Want Him Investigated

The Harper Conservatives have manipulated Canadians into believing that they are good managers of the economy (they are not) and that they can do no wrong.

We have suffered through 10 years of failure to lead and guide Canada into a brighter future.  In the new days after the election, I will add my voice to a growing chorus of Canadians who will insist that the misdeeds of Stephen Harper be broken down into offenses that can and should be investigated.

This WILL be with the help of Stephen Harper’s enforcers, including the CRA, the RCMP, CSIS and other Canadian institutions that once made us all proud.

If you think I’m full of vitriol, look at this and tell me that even Stephen Harper isn’t bailing on Stephen Harper. He’s packing and shredding just like Conrad Black was in his darker days.  Who’s stopping him?  No one.  Yet.

Maybe we’ll even find out if these kind of rumours are true and discover the real reason why he’s giving Canadian money away to extreme right wing organizations in places like the Ukraine.

Our Mainstream Media Must Go

I’m disgusted with the voice of the mainstream media in Canada.  This includes the CBC.

These ‘institutions’ have failed Canadians.

In the twilight hours of Stephen Harper’s reign of madness, companies like the Globe and Mail or (the non-Canadian) Postmedia have tried to fuel the ‘confusion’ over who to pick in this election.  They have sold themselves out to the Conservatives and they must be punished for their sins against Canada.

If you subscribe to any of the Postmedia publications or the Globe and Mail, cancel your subscription immediately.  They are shameful, greedy organizations that could care less about the future of this country.

Also, join me in declaring that the management team of the CBC must be fired before we fund the CBC again.

One Last Plea … Please

Even though I’m confident by what I’ve seen in the last few weeks, I still fear that Stephen Harper still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve and will do everything he can to steal this election from Canadians.





We need our voices to be louder than ever and we need to win Canada back from the clutches of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.