Canada’s ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Moment

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October 19 in Canada could be seen much the same way as the revelation experienced at the end of Frank Capra’s Christmas classic, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.

Just when the lead protagonist didn’t think things could possibly turn his way, he was shown that he truly does have an incredible life and, more importantly, the things he does on a day-in, day-out basis change the lives of so many others.

Potter-HarperStephen Harper is clearly Mr. Potter, the mean, heartless curmudgeon that everyone wanted to see get electroshock therapy by the end of the movie.  He did crooked things, like basically steal the $8,000 from George Bailey’s uncle Billy.  Harper did much, much worse as far as the Canadian economy is concerned, stealing from those who cannot afford it (low-wage earners, small businesses with EI hikes) and giving to those who needed it the least.

Harper/Potter would have loved to have seen the entirety of Canada become a giant ‘Potter’s Field’ of sorts, a poorly built array of inefficient, cheap and cardboard houses destined to be replaced within a couple of years, all at the expense of taxpayers.  His fury against anyone that challenged him was remorseless and merciless, cruel and unforgiving.

His vision of Canada was not a vision at all.  It was

And there really is no evidence that he ever existed once we reach the climax of the movie at the end, where George Bailey was the one who was rewarded with enviable love and tenderness from the people in the community.

As we learned a long, long time ago, nice people sometimes DO come out ahead and they wind up returning the favour.

In this seasonal comparison, Justin Trudeau is of course, George Bailey.  Loyal to his father’s business (Canadian politics), loyal to his family, kind-hearted and good looking.  He’s the kid who stays behind so that others could move ahead.  Even the tragedy of Michel’s death could be compared to George’s little brother, Harry Bailey (who survived in the movie, but wouldn’t have if George had never been born).

georgebailey1  trudeau-family-halloween-20151031

In the early weeks of Trudeau’s government, we’ve seen a more compassionate, sensible Canada return, not just locally, but on the world stage.  Would Paris COP21 have been successfully negotiated if Harper had put his crap ‘Big Oil’ agenda in the way, claiming the entire thing was ‘socialists coming to take over the planet’?  Would we have seen the action that we did on Syrian refugees?  Would we have seen an empathetic and actionable response concerning the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Now, the honeymoon is still on, but it’s becoming clear the Harper never lead Canada, he abused it for his own agenda.

Let’s hope Justin Trudeau is always mindful of the classic quote ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ and doesn’t fall into the same twisted and malevolent character as Canada’s ‘Mr. Potter’.

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