She Must Be High

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Kathleen Wynne has indicated that the LCBO selling pot would be a good thing.

Give me a break.  She must be high (and mighty, but that’s a different topic altogether).

The LCBO is all about government-endorsed protection of a small handful of VERY LARGE alcohol conglomerates maximizing how much they extract from Ontario consumers.

Selling pot will result in no different outcome.

We’ll have low quality, high priced bud, expensive high-gloss magazines promoting Snoop D’s latest brand of Mary Jane and will be flooded with volumes of inane reviews from people that don’t actually want to work but, well, review.

The standard pile of dog excrement will come from the government offices:  it’s all about social responsibility; it’s about protecting quality; it’s about having qualified people available to sell the product; it’s about protecting revenue for the government.

No thank you.

These are lies that they’ll want us to believe.  What about selling cigarettes?  Last I looked, the government was trying to shut down that vice, but they still allow it to be sold anywhere.

What about controlling new, upstart producers instead of protecting those international conglomerates?  Not a chance.  The government will throw these folks under the bus sooner that you can say ‘Don’t Bogart that joint, dude’.

The days of the LCBO are coming to an end.  It has effectively been privatized as of today when the government announced that they will allow chains like Loblaws, Wal-Mart and Costco to sell beer and soon wine.

Will anyone bother with a high-paid LCBO staffer to bug them about terroir and mystery associated with a good bunch of leaf?

Not a chance.

The LCBO is dead.  Let’s move on and let the market kick in for a change and let’s make sure we don’t mess up another good thing (legalized pot) with a bad thing (illegal sale and distribution).

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