December 26, 2015

Zeitgeist: Almost 10 Years Old

By admin

I have long been a fan and follower of many of the ideas from experts like Joseph Campbell or Mircea Eliade.

I have come to believe that themes like the ‘Universal Myth’ or ‘Monomyth’ are vital to our understanding of one another.  The passing of ‘Christmas’ is really just humanity being stuck in a creative rut, at least as far as religious advancement goes.

Or, better, ability to move beyond religion towards a more common good that everyone in the world can buy into.

Zeitgeist is fascinating reminder of the extent to which we’ve allowed ourselves to be manipulated and deceived into believing that there’s some kind of great benevolent – and seemingly sometimes hangry – god running all of our lives, like a great master puppeteer determining the fate of all who come and go on this great planet.

I’ll admit that on the very rare occasion, I’m overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness that comes when you realize that we’re unique in the universe.  There are also moments of desperation when I tease myself into believing that the odds of THIS – our planet, our existence, our odds – are so incredibly rare as to be impossible and I almost let myself believe that there’s a greater being, but then I pull back to reality.

We’re not toys for gods.  We’re human beings.  We have a right to enjoy our past, to savour our present and to anticipate our future.

The sooner we accept that religions are just distractions, the sooner we’ll move forward.

And, with a little technology, perseverance and patience, maybe one day we’ll discover that we’re no along in the universe.

PS For those of you thinking I’m having some kind of weird ‘bah humbug’ moment, forget it!  I’m very happy, thank you, and don’t need to told to have a ‘Merry Christmas’ one day of the year to appreciate that life is good.