January 26, 2016

FFS STFU About Pipelines

By admin

I am sick of hearing Conbots like Ambrose drone on about pipelines, especially now in the context of being ‘national unity’ issues.

The rest of Canada doesn’t want your junk spewing across our great nation.  That’s why everyone is stalling and working to prevent them from happening.

It’s been a mere 10 weeks for the Trudeau government to figure out what kind of mess the Conservatives created over 10 YEARS.  The Harper Conservatives – inept as they are – couldn’t get jack shit accomplished over this time, so why is it so urgent now?

Why are the Cons a ‘one trick’ pony obsessed with oil?

What’s worse is the CBC chirping in regurgitating this garbage.

Both of you:  F off.  Drop the pipelines and focus on the reality of Canada’s economic situation.  It’s because our economy became so deeply tied to oil that we’re tanking out completely both with the dollar and our manufacturing sector.

Did the Harper Conservatives do ANYTHING when Central Canada’s economy lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in manufacturing and technology sectors while the oil sector boomed?

Maybe we should make it a national unity issue and maybe we should turf Alberta from the country so that we can have a stable economy again that doesn’t rely solely on resources.

Until then, drop the talk about the pipeline and ‘national unity’ and focus on creating an economy that doesn’t rely on us dumping tar sands junk into the ocean to be processed by someone else.