March 27, 2016

Celebrating Easter … With a Rant Against Easter

By admin

What better way to celebrate easter Sunday than with a rant against Christianity’s most holy weekend, Easter.

Easter is the mythological period during which the star performer for Christians – Jesus – is resurrected after dying on the cross during Roman times.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is a fake.  It’s a cheap knock-off of some really cool ancient festivals, especially those that celebrate the ‘rebirth’ of the planet during the Vernal Equinox.

What’s troubling is that plagiarism is not allowed in our education system but here we have so many Westerners celebrating their triumph over other organized religions and traditions.

I’ve seen many similar rants in the past related to Easter here, here and especially here, so I’m not going to bore you with the details.

What I want to know is that answer to a simple question:  why do Christian holidays become ‘holidays’ (ie. ‘holy days’) for everyone even if the vast majority of us are no longer Christian?

When was the last time we had a public holiday with everything closed for Yom Kippur?  Or Eid? Or the thousands of other significant religious and non-religious events across the globe.

Why isn’t Earth Day a holiday?  Or ‘First day of women voting in Canada’ a holiday?

Because those who structure our system have a bias.

And bias is bad.  Bias is ultimately racist, destructive and combative.

I think we all have to accept that ‘traditions’ are great when celebrated at home with friends and family or within the institutions that created those traditions.  However, the minute these activities become institutionalized and everyone is forced the celebrate these ‘traditions’ regardless of their religion, we marginalize the ideas of so many other people.

If we’re ever going to advance as a society, ‘holidays’ that focus on religion must come to an end.

And not be resurrected.