March 17, 2016

Safe Injection Sites: Lots of Possibilities

By admin

What are your thoughts on safe injection sites?

Many cities are about to follow Vancouver’s lead by introducing these sites as options for drug addicts.

Here is my simple thought on safe injection sites:  they’re not worth the effort.

For all you bureaucrats who want to install safe injection sites, I say sure.  Let’s show some support for those who are going through hard times.  They need our help.

Just tell me what suburb you plan to install them in.

Don’t even think for a second that downtown ANYWHERE is OK to the health of any city.  London, for example, is already swamped with folks going to Mission or outreach-type services in the downtown area, flooding the core with junkies and dealers alike.

In fact, you can always spot the dealers and if I were in charge of the police force, here’s what I’d look for:  a 20-something kid riding a BMX or dilapidated bike wearing a hat cocked sideways, carrying a gym bag over his shoulders, smoking a cigarette.

Anyways, they may be harder to spot in a place like Toronto, where kind-hearted bureaucrats are considering at least 3 such sites.

So yeah, let’s look at 3 locations.  Here are MY 3 recommendations for all of the Toronto bureaucrats:

  • Rosedale
  • Forest Hill
  • The Kingsway

Oh yeah … those probably won’t be an option.  But any citizen that owns a house or has to fight against streets littered with needles has to remind those they vote for that safe injection sites are not good social policy.

They’re an admission of failure.