About the Toronto Dispensary Busts

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To be honest, I don’t think I can add a lot of context to this discussion because I’m neither a pot smoker, a pot dispensary, nor a police officer in the Toronto trying to stick to the current law of the land.

That said, John Tory declared war on pot dispensers today by busting dozens of stores in the city of Toronto.

Again, being an honest outsider, I’m probably not qualified to make a statement on this, but my gut instinct is that this is an ominous sign to the thousands of existing and potential small businesses that want to get in on the pot game once it actually is  legalized in Canada.

And it will be.

My take on this situation is that it’s a message.  Pot dispensaries will have to follow an expensive, exhausting administrative and licensing process that will break the backs of most small businesses.

Those left standing will be the LCBO, Loblaws and all of the other corporate monopolies that want to monopolize one more cash cow, leaving small suppliers standing in the cold, knee deep in a bureaucratic mess.

We’ve seen it with alcohol, we’ll see it with pot.

So my take on the enforcement of the current law of the land is that Tory is the messenger and the message is this:  only big money machines and corporate controllers are allowed to be a part of this machine.  The little guys can go fuck themselves.

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