The Scummy Race to the Bottom Orchestrated by the Conservatives & Media

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People:  Justin Trudeau is a head of state.  Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is his partner.

Denying Sophie Trudeau the ability to do her job – be it taking care of the kids, responding to email or letters or even sharing the odd little bit with respect to helping Canada’s head of state run the country – suffocates Justin Trudeau’s ability to do HIS job.

And that’s exactly why the douchebags with the opposition parties and the media want to keep this ‘issue’ top of mind.

The more they’re on the defense, the less they’re able to do their job.

This is a media ruse and a Conservative ruse designed to make us question every step, fart and wiggle of the ‘First Family’ of Canada.

And it’s garbage.

Canada is being brought to a new low by rats, scumbags and scoundrels and it must come to an end.

How much did we hear about Lauren Harper?  How much did we hear about Mila Mulroney?

Enough.  Enough.  Enough.

Do your job opposition and media and find something REAL to talk about.

Until you do, you shame yourselves.

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