After Orlando: Divest!

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What’s the plan?

Cut down on guns?  More enforcement?  Fewer civil rights?

None of the above seem to be working and they’re all resulting in higher tax bills and less freedom.

So why not just turn to money to solve the problem?

We need to funnel the rage of all civilized people into a sound Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) campaign against makers of weapons.

Ask your broker if they’ve recommended any portfolios or holdings that include the following companies:

Cutting them out of the money machine would be an important first step in sending a message that they are not wanted as part of your life any more.

Here’s the REALLY big challenge for all of those of you who want to go one step further.  Boycott ALL manufacturers of weapons, armaments and companies that are part of the security establishment.

The sooner we cut them off, the sooner we’ll be rid of massacres like what happened in Orlando.

Call me naive, but I like to think it would be an important first step.

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