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I understand.  I really do.

At least I try to.

No one wants to see another living thing suffer.  It’s stupid and pointless.

But is anarchy the solution?

Where were the enforcers?  Where were the police?  Were they too busy on the beach chasing down a couple of students with open containers?

Why didn’t someone call CAA?  There’s an easy solution.  In fact, maybe we should legislate that the CAA (or something similar) be called first before we resort to such extreme measures.

And what would have happened when such a violent reaction hurt the puppy in the car?  Would the hero still be a hero?

I have to admit, I’d probably to the same thing, but we really have to ask ourselves why we’re paying upwards to 40% of our tax bills on policing and enforcement of civility if those enforcers are nowhere to be found.

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