Brexit: Intentional Corporate Fragmentation

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Nothing makes an international conglomerate more excited than fragmentation.

Companies that go beyond national boundaries will do anything to fragment the voices and politics of any state, region or province.

And this is why, after all the shouting about racism and nationalism and a whole bunch of other empty accusations, the true reason behind Brexit has just become painfully obvious.

Reductions in corporate taxes.

Companies that set up in Britain have been promised massive cuts in the taxes they’ll have to pay, giving them a free ride and access to one of the world’s largest single-country economies.

Of course, I don’t believe the Minister of Finance of Britain has the authority to do something like this, given that there are no leaders and all of those supporting Brexit have cowardly shriveled away under the rocks from which they originated.

But those latter snakes don’t have to care because they’ve done their work.  They’ve turned Britain into a lesser country that has to drop its proverbial pants for the world’s money machines.

Good luck Britain.  Your standard of living will become like all those other jurisdictions that are in the race to the bottom just to get a few low-wage call centres or sweat shops in your homeland.

Case in point:  Canada during the Harper years.  Ontario lost so much of its manufacturing sector that it’ll never recover and is now selling off public institutions like Hydro One to make a few bucks to pay a million.

Tax cutting is admission of failure with public policy.

As mentioned, next on the list will be an array of public institutions going up on the auction block for the lowest bidder.

Thatcher days will seem pleasant and bright compared to what’s coming for the average Brit.

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