September 8, 2016

Will We Let This Man Put An End To Canadian Health Care?

By admin

Press Progress did a fine job of reviewing 13 things to know about the people trying to kill Canadian health care.

You need to read this if you’re at all interested in the Canadian health care system.


Under audit?

It sounds like Dr. Brian Day is the Donald Trump of Canada’s health care system.

Now, I’m not going to pretend the system is perfect.  We still have hundreds of private companies soaking up hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in the form of pharmaceuticals, hardware and other services we don’t need or that we should deliver by the public, for the public, but it’s better than getting shafted by the profit margin when you’re experiencing chest pains or in need of a appendectomy.

Also, it sheds a light on the absurdity of our tax system when a couple of organizations like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Fraser Institute and the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

These organizations need to be audited by the Canada Revenue Agency and ideally shut down for using taxpayer dollars for political agendas.